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Some people, body human hair wig is very rare, is called "idiopathic sparse hair" medicine. There congenital absence of hirsutism, such as Yunnan Yiliang County Yangtian Zhao, Yang Tianshun two brothers, his head without hair, face no eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, beard, no body hair, smooth skin, and their hair very full two sisters and thick black hair, no family, others are hairless phenomenon. If you suffer from hypothyroidism adrenal diseases may appear sparse hair and hair loss symptoms. On the contrary, some people, especially women, hair thickening thickens, even minke, increased pubic hair and so on, this is called "idiopathic hirsutism" syndrome, also related to heredity. On the hair, it is the growth in the scalp, neither nerves nor blood vessels, each root hair, are divided into two parts - the hair root and the hair shaft & lt; & lt; & lt; 13 hair main chemical ingredient is what? & Gt; & gt; the main component of hair is keratin. It is a combination of amino acids, of which the highest content of cystine, up 15.5%, the proportion of methionine and cystine 1:15. Natural hair, the cystine content of about 15-16%, after the perm, cystine content is reduced to 2-3%, the first half also appear not glue acid. This shows that hair perm detrimental. Hair composition: 80% water, 15% protein, 5% of the minerals and other & lt; & lt; & lt; 14 What are the causes of excessive hair.? & Gt; & gt; Generally speaking, the hair is southern Europe than northern Europe and Africans, Africans, Indians and Chinese people off than many. Different amount of human hair short wigs is normal, there is little hairy abnormally.

Excessive cheap human hair extensions may be due to genetic factors, but also may be due to taking steroids, endocrine caused by abnormal or menopause. & Lt; & lt; 15 What is the basic structure of the hair? & Gt; & gt; complete hair, its appearance is nearly cylindrical filaments. Careful observation shows that the larger the root end, the end of the slender. The hair from the hair shaft, the hair follicle, the human hair blend wigs bulb gum composition dermal papilla its root end. Our part of the naked eye, said the hair shaft, and hidden in the deep part of the skin called the hair roots. Including hair follicles and the hair roots swollen shape of the root end of the human hair half wig bulb onion, the inner 100 virgin human hair ball hairy nipples. & Lt; & lt; 16 to regulate hair growth is to rely on? & Gt; & gt; A: The hair growth regulating mainly rely on blood vessels around the hair follicles and the neuroendocrine system. Each normal follicles or nipple portion of the base portion, ranging from the number of vessels have their own projects into the hair bulb, these blood vessels and lower blood vessels around the hair follicles branch mutual traffic, constitute the nipple portion of the capillary network, and on both sides of the follicular papillae under capillary network, and capillary network follicle connective tissue layer, and the formation of a rich vascular plexus, blood vessels through these networks and vascular plexus, hair growth nutrients provide material needed. In addition to hair growth blood circulation around the long human hair wigs follicles rely on the supply of nutrients, but also by the nervous and endocrine control ombre human hair wigs and regulation.

The hair significantly affect the endocrine, male hormones on the wholesale human hair wigs follicle sheath has a certain role in promoting. Endocrine including pituitary, gonads, thyroid, adrenal & lt; & lt; & lt; 17 hair structure: & gt; & gt; & gt; 1, epidermis - the fish horny structure of squamous cell forward tail arrangement of the general hair surrounded by the epidermis layer 6-12 cuticle, protecting hair resist external damage, such as institutional type of damage, in the wet hair, skin flakes expansion as vulnerable, usually hair under basic conditions, scales open. 2, the cortex - the protein composition of cells and pigment cells, accounting for 80% of the hair, is the subject of hair, which contains the following linkers: salt string, sulfur string fibrous cortical cells, such as braided twisted, giving its elasticity, resiliency, hair physical and chemical properties attributable to such fiber structure. Seji natural hair (melanin) it exists in the cortex, the two pigments, namely: melanin, red and yellow pigment, and red and yellow bound charge is arranged from red to yellow they determine human hair weave color. 3, medullary layer - a layer surrounded by layers of cells in the cortex of the hair inside, and some mature hair-like structures in a continuous or intermittent, low-medullary layer base amount, and there is a special kind of physical structure full lace human hair wig, particularly strong resistance to chemical reactions.